Hello There! I’m Kristina 

Welcome to my little spot on the internet! You can call me Kristina or Kris. I am an illustrator, designer and DIY crafter living in the central Massachusetts region. I went full-time with my art and design in 2020, however things took an unexpected turn in 2021 and now a bulk of my work is laser-based!

I graduated college in 2012 with a bachelor of science in computer graphics & new media. From there, I worked in corporate for a good 7 years before I ended up branching out on my own.

While I love being creative, I also enjoy working with small and local businesses on helping them with various tasks- such as re-inventing their management systems (such as taking paper based systems and turning them digital). Prior to my freelance work, most of my experience was in project management mixed in with some customer service; so I enjoy working with people and getting to know their own specific needs.

In addition to my freelance work, I recently made a life changing decision of purchasing a laser cutter back in March 2021; and it’s brought my art and designs to a whole new level! You can read more about this new direction of work on my laser cutting page. Some amazing things are happening over there!

Aside from all this awesome stuff that I do, when I am not working I enjoy hanging out with my goldendoodle pup Daisy and my two axolotls; Pickles & Popcorn.

I am open for Freelance/ Part Time & Contractual Work!

As I am growing my business, i’d love to take on more client projects- whether it be design, illustration, web or even laser related! For designers in the laser community, make sure to check out my file testing/ assembly and photography services too!


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