Client Work

This section is dedicated to all my client projects, ranging from logo design, websites and all the way up to illustration. Each project is custom tailored depending on what said customer wants. These are little snapshots into the projects I have worked on.

Cathy’s Creations Logo

Client: Cathy’s Creations

Project: Cathy is a fantastic maker, who offers a wide variety of products and services! It’s always an amazing oppurtunity being able to work with other talented makers, especially in the laser community.

605 Treats Logo

Client: 605 Treats

Project: As a lover of sweets, I was super excited to work on this logo! There was a very specific vision in mind, and I think it came out awesome! 

Mountainview Logo

Client: Mountainview

Project: Mountainview is a start up focusing on unique hiking gear that is dedicated towards folks who love the outdoors! The client asked for a minimal design that felt simple and outdoorsy with an earth toned palette.

Lovelace Logo

Client: LoveLace

Project: LoveLace is a family run wood shop that creates beautiful memorials from wood.  The client wanted something elegant and text based that involved a heart of sorts to give the impression of love.

Uncle Irvs

Client: Uncle Irv

Project: Uncle Irv wanted an illustrative cartoon featuring his prized macsot and his favorite catch phrase! He wanted something funny and comical for his business.

Flu Flyer

Client: Eric Devons

Project: Eric reached out to me in regards to his UK start up, mentioning that he was looking for a fun mascot character for their office flyers and wanted a flu flyer, in particular, for their office. The mascot was named Edward!

Pumpkin Illustration

Client: Chelsea .P

Project: Chelsea contacted me about making a cute illustration of her sister’s pet rat, Pumpkin, for her birthday! The theme was witchy vibes. 

Midhill Solar

Client: Midhill Solar

Project: Andre and the Midhill team wanted a simple, one page website to show off their solar mowing services. 

Hubbardston Pizza

Client: Hubbardston Pizza

Project: Hubbardston Pizza is a local business that wanted a simple site to showcase their menu, hours and location. The site was designed with a one page theme in mind for simplicity and ease.