2021- The New Plan

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Well 2020 was filled with all kinds of twists and turns. Rather than focus on the negatives, I figured I would share some of the positives while going ahead with my 2021 plans and goals.


  • In August I started to learn how to work with epoxy resin, the proper PPE and how to make dice!
  • In October I purchased a Silhouette machine so I could do large vinyl and stencil jobs. Matless cutting is an amazing bonus and addition to what I do!
  • My family gifted me with an Elegoo Mars 3D resin printed for DnD, dice making and mini making so that is super exciting!
  • I opened up a Spoonflower which has been doing well
  • I started to sell SVGS and digital downloads and opened up an ETSY
  • I took a variety of paid and free courses to help bring my art, portfolio and website to the next level.
    • MATS MBA 
    • Pitch your Portfolio
    • Skillshare
    • Doodles to Dollars
  • Networked with a bunch of AMAZING artists, teachers, mentors and individuals
  • Helped teach and mentor new artists! Apparently, people are interested in having me teach classes and also provide private consultation services!


  • My relationship hit the one year mark! A huge shout out to my wonderful dude Joe for putting up with me and supporting all my crazy hobbies. Oh, and also allowing me to play DnD.
  • Rescued a baby Axolotl, Popcorn! Popcorn is almost a year old now! I’m 99% certain it is a girl!
  • Worked on reducing my anxiety more through yoga and PT workouts.
  • Helped volunteer in various groups of mine to help individuals of all kind overcome things (art, personal, anxiety, etc)
  • Spent some time helping out my family, in particular, my Grandparents who have been going through a lot these days.
  • Met a bunch of new friends
  • Spent more time with my best friend who has been going through a lot. Hopefully 2021 will also be a better year for her too!
  • Learned how to cook. Sort of…
  • Tried to organize more. Still not great at it, but i’m trying!
  • Spent more time at home with my Pup

Moving Forward

Changes in 2021

So I really want to try and put together monthly plans to help me stick to my goals. I need more consistancy with what I do and I really want to focus on building up my freelance more while also working on my shop (Woocommerce is in the works, but for now- Etsy will suffice).

Below is what I am hoping as a goal:

  • 2 Blog posts a month (maybe more)
  • Every Friday will have a Shop Update
  • Saturday-Sunday would be a blog update/ website update
  • Monthly Prepping
    • Holidays and events
    • Planning out new listings
  • Weekly Advertisements
  • Advertise more freelance work/ commission work
  • Start finding license work
  • Weekly portfolio updates
  • Dive into the home decor/ wedding DIY crafting world
  • Possibly looking at branching into wood crafting with a laser cutter…
  • January- Work on Valentines Day & Mothers Day
  • February- Advertise Valentines Day. Work on Easter.
  • March- Work on Easter & Spring
  • April- Advertise Easter. Work on Mothers Day. Take a jump and dive into some Cmas prep.
  • May- Work on Fathers Day and Wedding Season.
  • June- Work on 4th of July. Prep for some Fall Designs.
  • July- Prep for Cmas. Midyear promotional special! 😀
  • August- Advertise fall designs. Work on Halloween.
  • September- Start with some Cmas prep! Finish up Halloween. Have my calendars finished by this time.
  • October- Advertise Halloween. Work on some Thanksgiving. Continue to work on Cmas.
  • November- Advertise Cmas! Start thinking about Valentines 2022.
  • December- Finish up Cmas and take a break

What about you? Have you set any goals you would like to share?

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