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Well! I was debating on posting something here, and I suppose it makes sense to. I really haven’t been around much, and haven’t had the time to post or really update my site here. A lot has been going on, and I decided on making some changes moving forward. Or, at least until time frees up again, possibly.

I don’t think I will be continuing much with this blog. I might lock comments or just disable it all together, because it has unfortunately become a spam zone. I do want to help people, but I also get tired of the constant emails trying to sift through things.

Back in Oct/ Nov, I was hit with two whammys. My original host (for my website) decided on shutting me and my 6 clients down and gave me a 2 week notice because they were upping their prices and it became pay per site (they wanted $230/ a month for EACH SITE). I ended up leaving them and found a new company. My online shop platform also shut me down, because they stopped supporting my custom theme framework (it came from a 3rd party) so they gave me the option to either change over, pay someone to convert it, or be shut down.

SO. I am moving everything over to this new host and new platform and building MY OWN SHOP. 3rd time is a charm, right? I thought about combining the shop and this, but I really want to keep this separate for my art and freelance stuff. 

I’ll be switching direction to focus more on b2b in the future. I really want to get into promos and enjoy tumblers, and that is where my passion seems to be right now. Whether or not I stay with that, who knows. 

Now for the scary stuff… Well, it was scary for the one whole month of not knowing WHAT was going on.

The day before Christmas eve, I was at my part time weekend job. I noticed there was a glare on the back of the computer, and after about 10 minutes or so- decided on shutting the blinds. As I did so, I ended up getting these strange zig zag chevrons in my vision. They intensified, and then my peripheral went shadowy and dark. Then I ended up getting tingling and numbness down my arm, and it felt disconnected.

I thought I was having a stroke.

To make a long story short, ended up at urgent care, then my doctor, then to a bunch of tests, dye MRI’s and then an eye specialist to confirm I am getting ocular migraines. A month of not knowing, being told it could be a stroke, clot, blockage or retinal detachment. Now i’m on a waitlist for a neurologist, but it’s been a battle. Iv’e been wearing my Theraspecs daily (which has helped SIGNIFICANTLY), although the sensitivity and migraines are getting worse. Shadows in between trees bother me. Driving at night and during the day (especially sunny day) bothers me. It’s awful. Some days are good and others, not so good. These migraines are RUINING ME.

 So that is where I am at right now. It’s why I haven’t been posting much online. It’s why I haven’t been really involved in groups or showing my face. I’m honestly tired and worn from it, and so sick and tired of all the down time with these attacks. Migraines are not something uncommon to me, but they are becoming much more frequent. Plus, losing vision with the ocular rendition isn’t fun either.  


Anyways. That is my update. I’m on the right pathway at least, but I still have some specialists to go see. If the vertigo isn’t related to the migraines (I was told by another doctor he thought it was congestion/ drainage back up in my sinuses), then I have to see an allergist and an ENT to figure out what is up with all that. There is also a weird mole inside and under my fingernail, which was also checked- although nothing is set and stone and certain, whether it is a wait and see (recommended to me) or if I want to biopsy it- they have to cut my finger open. LOVELY!

First thing is first though. I need to get the migraines and vertigo under control to get my life back. I miss being able to just get up and create. 

Only time will tell, I suppose. 

Anyways. Thats my last couple months. It’s been a ride! If you are the religious type, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I go through this. If not, that is fine too. 

 I’ll try to continue posting on IG, but no guarantees. 

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