Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


your art was stolen

Thank you for keeping an eye out for me! Please email me at with a link to the infringing work.


Affiliate links?

I’m always interested in networking with other artists and companies! Please email me to go over the requirements.


Do you offer any Training?

I am honored that some people are interested in having me train! I am looking into this for future use. If you have any class ideas, feel free to send me an email and/or use my contact form to voice your ideas.


Can i use your images?

I do not allow any images from the site to be used unless permission is granted exclusively from me (via email). Sorry folks! 


Can I feature you on my blog/ site?

I’d love to discuss features! Please send me an email to better discuss the opportunity 🙂


Do you have any advice for dealing with people/companies stealing your work?

I’ve had my art stolen many times. I always make sure to have a Cease and Desist order on hand to send out to the shop owners, or a DMCA complaint form. Most of the time, companies respect these forms. Feel free to download my generic forms! (COMING SOON)

Cease & Desist    |     DMCA Complaint


Tools of the trade?

I use my iPad pro & Apple pencil for most illustrative work. I also subscribe to Adobe CC and use a Macbook Pro for my design. For crafting, I also use my Cricut Maker.

Service prices?

Services are priced based on the job requirement and what is needed. Please contact me for a custom quote on your project.


Can i use your images?

I do not allow any images from the site to be used unless permission is granted exclusively from me. Sorry folks! 



will you draw my character?

For a price, sure! Please send me an email! I do not do free requests unless it is generic and posted in my blog under my “drawing a day” post. Generic is more along the lines of a type of animal, flower, concept, etc.

Something like a custom character specific to you would need to be commissioned.


will you draw Fanart?

I only draw fanart per contests and/or practice. I will never sell any fan pieces nor would I accept any fan-based commissions. An example of this would be a hand-made plush artist who sews Pokemon plush asks me to make a custom tag for the plush. Not only is this illegal, but it goes against my moral code. I will not profit off somebody else’s character(s) no matter how small nor large the franchise is.


What types of illustration do you do?

I am working on Children’s book illustration but have also worked with pet illustration, pattern and surface design as well as mascots and general cartoons.

Please make sure to check out my illustration page and instagram for examples of my styles and work! 


Will you draw X in a certain style?

Please take a look at my illustration and let me know what style you are looking for. I work with a variety of different brushes.

If you are looking for something out of my norm, please make sure to send me a reference as to what exactly you are looking for.

CRAFTING Questions

What Machine do you use?

I use my Cricut Maker for all of my die-cutting needs.

Can i request more info?

I have a whole section on my blog for crafting questions and tutorials! Why not check it out and see if anything there fits your needs?

Can you make me a custom SVG file?

This would be classified under paid-work. Please send me an email to discuss what you would like!