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All these posts are based of real projects, gifts, stories and experiences that I feel like sharing. Some may reflect new projects I made while others may house reviews for new crafting devices or experiences I have faced.

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For you- Freebies, Tutorials & More!

All these posts are for all my supporters and fans! From downloadable coloring pages to DIY step by step posts, this is the section where you can learn!

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About the Author

Kristina is a full time freelance illustrator, graphic & web designer as well as an avid DIY crafter! She loves nothing more than creating all kinds of things. This blog showcases her latest projects, shop updates, stories, reviews, freebies and more!

When Kristina isn’t making stuff, she can be found hanging out with her Goldendoodle pup Daisy and her two Axolotls, Pickles & Popcorn.

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