So… what is laser cutting?

For years I have been scoping out a laser cutter. I wanted the ability to cut wood; but added bonus- I can also cut acrylic and engrave on a variety of materials! In March of 2021 I finally made my purchase- a 60w OMTech machine!

This machine has already helped bring my ideas to life! While I know my adventure is only starting, I feel like already I have made incredible progress- and i’ll only be adding more! This section of my site is rather new and I want to track my laser adventures here. For now I’ll be posting all my laser work here.

For custom projects- please email me at I am working on my Shopify store at the moment- so I hope to have that open within the next couple weeks. 

Read my Happy Laser Day Blog post for more info on the story behind this!


Hello OMTech!

An amazing oppurtunity awaits!

Building Laser Resources & Community

I am SUPER happy and excited to announce that I have a contract as a content designer with the OMTech team themselves! I love working with such an amazing team on bringing to life incredible laser resources from DIY files, video tutorials and walkthroughs while showcasing how the possibilities are truly endless with this machine. I am also in the process of setting up my laser as a demo room- so all you Massachusetts locals- stay tuned!

If you are interested in talking about a laser or purchasing one, feel free to reach out to me and i’d be happy to share more of my experience and story on how this machine has ultimately changed my life. You can also poke around my blog for all kinds of laser resources too.

Now for the awesome eye candy! You can find some of designs in the new below. Each project was tested and made on my machine!


Laser Gallery