Shadowbox- Valentines Day Gift

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At first, it started with a bunch of layers and me trying to figure out just how many I wanted. I knew I wanted the main focus to be on us and our Pokemon, so I decided on branching from there to make that the center focus. I thought up some background and foreground graphics that I was happy with.

I cut each layer out at a time, starting with first. I started to layer it. Originally I was using some left over scrap paper I had available (it’s a pearl looking paper, I was advised to go with 65 LB paper and that is all that was available around me). I switched off between the ivory and white pearl sheets to give it some depth, too. 

As I was building this, I used a lamp in my room to shine through the layers to make sure it was giving the look that I wanted. For me, it helped me realize if I needed a special backing behind the final sheet  as you could see through all the stars.

In all, I had so much fun with this little project! I was expecting this to take days and a lot of re-working, but mush to my surprise- I really liked how it turned out my first try. I didn’t want to go back in and make all these changes because (to me), it is something special having your original idea come to life just as you hoped without needing much tweaking. 

I did tweak the front layer, simply to make the border a bit thicker so I could use the foam squares. 


 The BEST Part? He LOVED it! Cute pic of him on the right by the way. 🙂

I also made him a mug and matching koozie to go with it. 

I’m so glad to have a nerd who supports my crafting! And then uses all the nerdy stuff I make him! He’s awesome!

Want to make your own shadowbox? I HIGHLY suggest taking a look at Jennifer Maker’s amazing tutorial and guide for it! I will note that when developing this I used Adobe Illustrator, and most of my elements were drawn on my iPad pro and then brought over and vectorized. I am sure there are various other softwares out there to help you design your own. Sad to say, I am really only familiar with the Adobe programs.

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