Moleskine Business Card Holder

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You can find my Moleskine “Hack” post here . Thank you all for downloading and showing your support!

I take my business cards and my Moleskine everywhere. So why not combine the two? After thinking of how I could achieve this, I did none other than sketch the idea down in my Moleskine and put into production a prototype of the idea. It came out better than I expected and works wonderfully.

It is simple. You can download the .PDF file and print! Fits the standard size business card. You can open it up in any program and customize it with colors or as you please. This was just the basic, plain and simple template I went with. You can also trim the edges. I wanted my cards to “stick” out a little bit, to make them easier to grasp and pull out. There’s some free space in there too so the edges of your card won’t get all chipped up and jagged. I recommend using double-sided scrapbooking tape for the back to attach it; it works great. Even the little ones you can just punch out the squares.



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