My Amazon Must-Haves (for Beaded Wristlet Making)

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Laser Cutting | 3 comments

Iv’e recently gotten into wristlet making over the last few weeks. It all started with me ordering some blanks online. I wanted to truly get a custom experience and start making my own. Through a little bit of trial and error, I was able to source some beads for my custom wristlets and I couldn’t be happier!

At the moment, I purchase most of my beads through Amazon. I use 15-16mm beads for these wristlets. For the silicone beads I am ordering from Aliiexpress, as the pricing on there is fantastic (comopared to domestic prices at the moment).

Incase you are not familiar with wristlets, they are beaded bracelets that allow you to attach your car keys, keychains and more!

Please note the below items contain my affiliate link. Every little bit helps and I appreciate the support!

*Please also note, when purchasing some of the printed beads, there may be print imperfections, especially with the stripes! I mention this because you don’t know the quality until it arrives. While most of the prints were useable in my case (plaids, other stripes, etc), there were certain prints that were worse than others. I’ll post some examples of what I mean. The bracelet shown is an example and is mine for personal use (I wouldn’t sell something with imperfect prints anyways).

I have recently recieved my silicone beads from Aliexpress and while the prices are great, I found a lot of inconsistancies with colors (ie- 100 pack of neutrals and got 50 marble, 20 white, 8 light gray, 8 dark gray, 2 black, etc) so I have actyally ordered some from Amazon. It adds a little bit of price on, but so far I have gotten all the colors needed.

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Silicone Beads

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Jason Miller
Jason Miller
2 years ago

Hopefully this doesn’t come off as weird but I have been interested in making these with my wife and would like to try and make one for me but not as femine and to put my usb drive when working because I always lose it. I was wondering if you have ever used metal spacers and how they worked with the elastic? I have seen mens beaded bracelets but want something to clip to a drive that I can add to my belt or slide over my wrist when working. Thoughts welcome. Thanks.

Jason Miller
Jason Miller
Reply to  Kristina
2 years ago

Thank you for such a fast response. I do have a Walmart down the road and that is a good idea. I will probably order the elastic online if I do not see it in store. My drives do not weigh much so maybe a normal bead bracelet will work in my use. My wife does all these fancy beads and hand paints the wood but I lack the eye for color. She just makes bracelets. Thank you about warning for prints. She was looking at some beads and heard about this but saw no photos of issues.

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