My Amazon Must-Haves (for Fiber Lasers)

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Laser Cutting | 2 comments

Here comes my Amazon Must-Haves for Fibers! For those who don’t know, last fall I purchased a 30W OMTech fiber laser with the intention of making it my dedicated mug and rotary machine. While it does a fantastcic job with that, I wanted to expand my horizons and make custom jewelry (seems to be my niche).

If you are purchasing outside of these, please make sure to read the description and the material! Iv’e purchased some stainless steel products before that actually came in and were a plated brass (which didn’t engrave as nice). I didn’t include those on this list as most of my focus area is stainless steel- but it’s a warning to always check before you purchase. While essentially yes, I can engrave brass- I honestly prefer the look of stainless steel. I also always suggest buying in bulk, especially if you don’t know your settings and haven’t tested said material type before. There will be mess ups! But it isn’t so bad when you have many to play with.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the list. Just purchased a 20W fiber and am looking for things to try and sample out. Apprecheated.

1 year ago

Hello my dear. I thank you fir the post. I just buy fibre and new. Thank you good day.

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