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I put together this special page to help provide resources to those in need of an online presence who may not have anything yet. As many know, due to the virus, it has forced many places to take their services and products online. I was inspired by many of the local small businesses around me to create this resource as a way to help places post their hours/menus/services online with minimal time and money. Let’s face it- everyone is struggling.

I understand many people are panicking to get a site online or venture into an online presence due to the Virus. While a website is an awesome way to showcase your business and work, it takes a lot of time to develop one. I understand due to the situation, many cannot afford that right now.

These options outline some solutions for small businesses who need a place to put their information and may not have the budget to invest in a full fledged site at this current point in time.


Free Resources (All of these options can be set up by you):

  • Facebook Business Page
    • Post your updates, hours, menus online
    • Keep customers updated with changes to your menu/hours and protocols
  • Instagram Page
    • Post your menu updates and hours online
    • You can take photos of your menu and daily specials and post them so customers know what they can order
  • Wix
    • You can set up and create a your own website where you can display your content and hours online. No web experience needed or required.


Special Paid Services I can provide:

  • Custom Domain+ 1 page template
    • I will set up a domain and use a pre-made simplistic template (you can customize the logo, photo, color & content) that contains business information such as:
      • Menu
      • Contact Info
      • Phone number
      • General Information
      • Covid-19 notice and info banner
    • This set-up will be good for a year as I will host the domain under my account (which I normally do not offer). After the year is up, the domain name will either expire or transfer over to you (you will need your own hosting service), if you wish to continue with a website.
    • If you wish to ease your way into a website during this time, we can discuss a plan on how to enact that.
    • Price: $200.00

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