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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new site!

My name is Kristina, founder and creator of Kristhecreative and all the content on here. I am an illustrator, graphic artist, web designer and crafter.

So why Kristhecreative? Well, let me tell you a funny story. Iv’e been working with websites since I was a freshman in high school back around 2004. I remember coding my sites in i-frames way back before I learned about WordPress and all the fancy technology around today. I have actually gone through a lot of domains over the years.

Tylonproducts.com was my first one I ever operated. I used to post illustrations and my crafts on it before I attended college. When I entered my program for computer graphics & new media, I was told to secure our names as our domain.

At that point I switched over to kristinasavasta.com. I used that domain for the next four years until after I graduated- I discovered everyone under the sun spelled my name wrong!

In 2013 I switched to Ksavasta. I used that one for the next seven years only to find I had the same issues! My last name is constantly being misspelled.

So here I was with all these domain names reserving my name on the net- but nobody could seem to spell my name on the net! Kind of crazy, right?

After thinking it over, I ended up on Kristhecreative hoping this would solve the issue. I didn’t want to keep purchasing domain names and all these mis-spellings because after awhile, all those prices add up!

So far, it seems to be working! It is the name I will be using across ALL of my branding and work moving forward.

For those who have traveled with me over time and have seen me grow over the years, Tylonproducts, Kristinasavasta and Ksavasta are indeed, all me!

So what now? Big changes are up ahead!

If you are all wondering “what now”- I figure an explanation why I am pushing this name so much is due. You see, for the past 7 years and counting (2013-2020) I have been working a full time job as a packaging specialist doing primarily project management. While I learned a lot on the job- I wasn’t doing anything creative. I was managing project scopes, deadlines, communicating with customers on why their artwork wasn’t legally complaint then going to testing companies confirming all these legal changes. It was super restrictive in what I was able to do. I was editing other peoples artwork instead of creating my own. It became mind numbing. To the point I actually questioned if i was even creative anymore. In the meantime, I took on side projects and crafts. Yet it became a point where it was becoming too much. I had people reaching out for in depth projects I had to reject or push off, or even stretch out. It got to the point I was sacrificing doing the one thing I loved.

Creating. I am a creative person.

So, I took a leap of faith. I quit my job and decided I would start my own journey. 

This website is going to be the place for me to put all that I do. Because lets face it- I do a lot of stuff!

I do professional design services. Web services. Illustration services.

I also love crafting and attend craft fairs. I want to offer advice, tips, tricks and even tutorials and videos someday.

I also have a plan on breaking into the textile and surface design industry if things go well. I’d love to get into art licensing (we need more Axolotls!).

I love creating. I love making things. I love watching small businesses grow and flourish. I also love helping artists and creatives on their never ending journey.

For seven years I bottled up everything and confined to a set standard and now I’m making up for all that. I want a place where I can grow and show off everything that I do.

So that is it! I hope you join me for the ride!

Welcome to my site!

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Kristina is a full time freelance illustrator, graphic & web designer as well as an avid DIY crafter! She loves nothing more than creating all kinds of things. This blog showcases her latest projects, shop updates, stories, reviews, freebies and more!

When Kristina isn’t making stuff, she can be found hanging out with her Goldendoodle pup Daisy and her two Axolotls, Pickles & Popcorn.

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