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I wanted a place to keep track of my favorite resources I buy from so I know what to reference in the future when I put my orders in. While I have been trying to source a local supplier for my woods, I have been striking out left and right. So, for the time being, I will be ordering online.

Please note, the below are materials I have purchased and use! I have added my 60w settings I use in the the event it can help others out. Please note: each machine is different. These are the settings that I like and prefer for my products.

Home Depot- 5/32 Walnut

This was a new wood I tested, but it came out AWESOME on my 60w! Used my standard settings for deep engrave. Also noticed once I adjusted the LPI, it gave a darker engrave as well.

Purchased here

Basic Engrave- Speed:180 / Power: 20 / LPI 300

Darker Engrave- Speed: 180 / Power: 20 / LPI 600

Cut-  Speed: 14 / Power: 40

GrowingHammer- 1/8 Baltic Birch

This wood engraves and cuts amazing! It’s thick, durable and I haven’t had issues with knots or glue voids. I did have to send the sheet- but once sanded, it is nice and smooth.

Purchased here

Basic Engrave- Speed:180 / Power: 20 / LPI 300

Cut-  Speed: 14 / Power: 40

Hobby Lobby- 1/8 Basswood

I love this wood for my small earrings and details. It engraves really dark and makes the engravings really stand out and pop. Seeing that it is one layer, I only really recommend it for small things like the studs or pins.

Purchased In-store (estimated price $8-10.00)

Basic Engrave- Speed:180 / Power: 23 / LPI 249

Cut-  Speed: 14 / Power: 40

CMSAcrylics- 1/8 Acrylic

So far I have tested out my mirrored acrylic, but I mirror the image and engrave from the back side (gray). The results are stunning and beautiful!

Purchased Here

Basic Engrave- Speed:180 / Power: 23 / LPI 249

Cut-  Speed: 10 / Power: 50

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