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Hi folks! So it has been a hot minute since I posted anything related to my work and all the stuff that has been going on. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am drifting away from ETSY due to some issues I had with them. I was working on a Shopify which was nearly 4 months of wasted time due to all the coding; but what really got to me was the features I wanted were all separate 3rd party fees. So instead I took the plunge and have been working with Bigcommerce which has been a much better click for what I need my site to do.

So, what does this all mean?

In between my contract work with OMTech and some of my other projects happening, my goal is to launch my shop by the end of August. I’m working on sourcing shipping supplies right now for my current line of products. I’m also hoping to get into some vendor fairs too! 

I have a ton of product ideas and things I want to happen, but I do not want to jump super into it as it is dependent on how my store goes. Some of the below are ideas I have that I would love thoughts on! I am in the process of meeting with my specialist on getting everything else legally situated and registered now that my state is pretty much open again.

There is also a big possibility of me adding a second machine for powder coated mugs. I’m unsure if I want to stick with a CO2 laser again (do like the 50w) or go with a fiber. A fiber laser would allow me to add more options to my list of services so I might go that route. At the same time, I have a 5202 chiller ready for a second machine. 


  • Mystery Gift Boxes
    • Contains various assembled products, DIY projects and fun, randomized items around a specific theme
    • For example- an Axolotl Mystery box might contain axolotl themed products like keychains, magnets, stickers, ornaments and DIY crafts you can assemble that are axolotl based
  • Scrap Sets
    • Contains engraved and cut elements that someone else could assemble.
    • For example- it might be 20 small scrap designs in a polybag that the customer could make their own products and paint themselves
  • DIY craft kits
    • Looking at making these available in physical form and digital form. 

Looking into:

  • Custom mystery box packaging
    • Looking at the ideas of a mailer box, similar to what one would recieve when order a subscription box!
  • Mailers for smaller products
    • Trying to find the smallest available sizes to ship my products. Going to start with smaller products in store and eventually add my larger more expensive things, like fully assembled shadowboxes
  • Eco friendly packaging and shipping options
    • This is something very important to me. I would like to try and source eco friendly and compostable packaging options when possible, but also allow it to be protective of my products when shipping out.

What else do you have in store?

I am hoping to start working more with customized items as well and promoting those. I’ll be expirimenting with new products and projects at hand (clocks, miniature decor, etc) to keep things rolling. 

I’ll also be helping OMTech at creating educational material and resources and contributing to that community- so please frequently check out the forum, DIY Shop and Youtube chanel! Some people may be wondering what the differences might be between the files I make/ sell VS the ones for OMTech- the ones I made for OMTech are specific for their store. That means I will not be selling any of those files on my own site; you can only get those files from them as they are exclusive. I would also like to clarify it is uncertain if I can sell physical products of those designs in my shop, as I have had people ask before. Once we have the licenses ironed out I can share more information.

Have any ideas?

Or maybe you purchase files? Please let me know in the comments things you look for when purchasing a file or a product from a handmade creator. What are some things that enhance your experience? Or what are some red flags that you avoid? I’m also open to feedback and ideas as always! If it is one thing I love about the laser community, it is the community itself. People are so supportive of one another that it is something we can all grow from. 

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Caleb Gray
Caleb Gray
2 years ago

Curious if you get the fiber your thoughts on it. I was looking to get it to do knives but I do not know if I can justify the price just to engrave knives.

Good luck with your growing business to. My girlfriend loves your style and says once you open your shop she will be purchasing some axolotl merch cuz she’s always wanted one but ya know, illegal here in CA.

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