Welcoming my Fiber! (+ some other awesome news)

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I cannot believe I didn’t actually make a post about this here! Iv’e been so busy working and prepping for a huge show that I honestly have lost track of time.

Iv’e contemplated a fiber for awhile now. After seeing countless videos claiming that powder coated tumblers could be done at amazing speeds, I finally caved in and got one thanks to my Uncle asking me for months to do up all his mugs. 

I ended up getting the 30W from OMTech!

Happy to report that what took me 14 minutes on my CO2 now takes 2 minutes and 27 seconds! For the life of me, I couldn’t get my rotary to stay connected to my Mac. 

Oh, yeah! and a fun little laser cartoon for smiles.


Needlesstosay, it works! I’m still learning it and am only a couple weeks into learning it, but it is a really interesting machine. 

I have some jewelry and smaller products I plan on testing and making as well!

We shall see how this all goes. I must admit, I do hope they come out with a Mac-compatible software for this unit. I have to run a dedicated PC for it and the interface and me just do not jive. Plus it is a pain having to flip back and forth with all my designing from Illustrator, re-save in Inkscape (cause of conversion issues) and then import into EZCAD and hatch it.


Ok, aside from ALL OF THAT…

I have some other exciting news! I got my business legally registered in my state, have an EIN number and am correctly set up for all that fun legal tax stuff! WHOOOOO HOOOOO! It is getting real!

Someday my shop will be done. For the time being I have a few files on ETSY, but I really want to get away from that and all the theft.

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