Kristhecreative- New Branding

This project all kind of meshed into each other as I was developing it. As I have decided to change everything over to my Kristhecreative name,  needed a new website and logo to reflect the new change. I 

I’m also working on developing a toolkit for my brand. I plan on using this as an umbrella name for the various services I offer- so I will be updating this post with all of the different components and thoughts that gave gone into this name.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

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Pattern Presentation

My goal is to eventually get into surface pattern design, which means I need to start thinking on a higher level when it comes to developing my work and pattern collections.

Example shown is how I plan on laying out all my patterns. Many will be shown with a hero illustration along with how that can be applied to pattern design.

More work can be seen on my Surface Design page.



The toolkit outlines my logo use, guides, and specs all the different options when and how it may be used.

I developed this to keep consistency across all of my different types of materials. I also want to keep all my packaging consistent so when I do build my name and brand, it is much easier to identify.




A website is always in the works! I wanted something that really showcases all my different streams and settled on this new 2020 layout (which is always subject to change).

The problem is I do a lot of different things. I offer my design and web services, illustration, and am now trying to get into the surface design and licensing industry.

Oh- and I also attend craft fairs! So I need one place to manage all of these different things! 


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